How to Volunteer

There are many amazing opportunities to become involved here at Maranatha CRC. We have a number of programs that only happen because of the dedication of our many wonderful volunteers. By volunteering in the church you get to serve as part of God's Kingdom, you build connections and form relationships with other members and you provide an invaluable service to our church and program participants.

To be a volunteer there are few requirements that must be met:

 - You must be a member of Maranatha CRC Woodstock or a regular attendee who is in good standing.

- All volunteers must have a current vulnerable sector police check on file with the church, must read through the pertinent parts of
    the safe church policy and must sign a volunteer declaration form every year.

- All volunteers for regular volunteer positions must be approved by administrative council

To find out more about how you can be involved, contact the office at 519-539-5301

Spiritual Gifts

It is not always easy to know  what your spiritual gifts are, but we do know that everyone has been given gifts, through grace, from the Holy Spirit so that we can serve God according to what His purpose is for us (Ephesians 4:6, 1 Peter 4:10).

One of the ways to discover what our spiritual gifts are, and help figure out what God's purpose is for us is to take an online survey based on the book by Alvin VanderGriend,  called "Discover Your Gifts".  This free survey is available through the Christian Reformed Church of North America.  Once you have completed the survey you can check out the "Discover Your Gifts" book from the church library to learn how to use these gifts or you can schedule a meeting with the Ministry Coordinator to talk about the results and how you can use these gifts in the church, your home, work and community. 

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