Escape Room Adventures


This is a unique fundraiser for you and your family, or you and a group of your friends.

There are two rooms to choose from:

OUTBREAK ESCAPE: There has been an accident in the lab. A dangerous gas has been released, you have just 40 minutes to escape the facility before the effects of this gas are permanent. You and your crew will have to find clues and solve puzzles in order to get out in time. 

(Maximum 6 people).


OFFICE LOCKDOWN: While you are waiting for a meeting to start, the office goes into a lockdown. You are left in the building with no way out, or is there? You and your crew will have 40 minutes to find the clues to get out safely or you might just be stuck in the building forever.

(Maximum 6 people)


The cost is $10/person. Everyone must sign a waiver and agree to wear masks and sanitize/wash their hands before entering the room.


There is also a THIRD OPTION and that is the BLACKTHORN MANOR MURDER MYSTERY ESCAPE ROOM ADVENTURE: You have been invited to Blackthorn manor, but all is not as it seems. Just before you arrive, your host is found murdered. Together look for clues to figure out who did it. Everyone is a suspect. 

This is a role-playing adventure, where you will be given a character sheet and are encouraged to dress up. You will need a minimum of 8 people (maximum 14) to play. Cost is $50/couple or $25/person. This adventure will take about 2 hours with a light snack being served.


There are limited spaces available and you must pre-register by contacting Kristin Klein 519-539-5301 or


All proceeds go to our Maranatha Youth Group.

We hope you can join us.