Our Mission

Finding Joy in Following Jesus

Our Values

Biblical Preaching
We believe Biblical Reformed Preaching, strengthened by our celebration of the sacraments faithfully proclaims the Word of God, challenging us to grow in faith, and encourage us in all areas of our lives.

We believe that Stewardship acknowledges that our world belongs to God, and is our thankful response of sharing our resources, time and talents for His glory.

We believe Worship is our communal expression of giving praise and thanksgiving to the Triune God for His amazing love in our daily lives.

We believe Education is the continuous nurturing of all age groups to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of God and His will for our lives.

Community of Believers
We believe that we are a Community of Believers that supports, prays for, accepts one another unconditionally, and encourages each other to grow in a total life of praise.

We believe Outreach is God's command for us to share His grace in all aspects of  our world to grow His kingdom. 

Our Background

We are a proud part of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. To learn more click on the Logo.