• daryl - pastor

    Rev. Daryl Meijer began his time with us as our full-time Pastor in September 2013. 

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  • Jennifer - custodian

    I started working at Marantha in 2011.   My husband Peter and I have 4 children and have attended Maranatha since 2009. In the time I have been here, I have really enjoyed meeting the people of Maranatha.  

  • sharon - adminstrative assistant

    Sharon has worked at Maranatha for over 14 years. I work part-time (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week) and still enjoy being here! From time to time someone will ask - do you still enjoy your work and I have to admit that I do. Like every job there are days, but on the whole each day is a good one. God has blessed me and I thank Him for that. Those I work with are a pleasure to be around and keep life interesting.

    Harry, myself and our 4 children have been attending Maranatha for 22 years (Harry - all of his life actually!) I have witnessed growth, decline, joy and sadness, discontent and unity, but throughout it all God has been faithful! While some of this has been difficult, for the most part being a member of Maranatha has been a blessing. I have come to know many of the people here through my work and am grateful for what I learn from each one. Thank you, for you have made my life richer.   

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  • kristin - ministry coordinator

    I started working here full-time in January 2012.  My husband Rick and I have four beautiful children who have been a real blessing to us.  I am truly enjoying my work here, the best part of my job is meeting new people and sharing their enthusiam for serving God in Maranatha and in Woodstock.

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